Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), working with Facilities Management, wants to make sure that the campus reopens safely for in-person courses this fall.

To help departments prepare their areas for in-person services, EHS purchased a supply of portable HEPA filtration units and is lending them to departments to increase air filtration in spaces that need it the most.   

About the HEPA Filtration Systems

  • Unit type: Trio Plus UVC & HEPA Air Purifier
  • The system’s filters capture particulates (pollen, dander, hair), gases (odors), and germs (viruses, pathogens, and allergens) and output clean air to make the overall environment safer. 
  • The Trip Plus is quiet, efficient, and does not produce ozone. 
  • Recommended by the WHO, it is consistent with ASHRAE and CDC guidance for addressing airborne viruses through High-Efficiency Filtration and UV-AC Treatment.   

Submit a Portable HEPA Filter Request
If you are interested in obtaining HEPA filtration systems for your areas, please complete and submit the Portable HEPA Filter request form by July 15.  Supplies are limited, so EHS will evaluate and score requests based on several factors, including buildings existing ventilation, space occupancy, and space type to prioritize those spaces with the greatest need.  

Once you place the order, someone from EHS will respond within two business days to confirm your request and answer any questions you may have.  

About the HEPA Filtration System Loan Program offered by EHS

  • If your department is selected to receive a unit, EHS will loan out the equipment for one year. 
  • After 1 year, EHS will work with departments that have received units to determine if the units are still needed or if they will be returned.  
  • It’s FREE! Filters are included and there are no fees or costs involved for those departments who receive filtration units.
    • Departments will receive units with new filters in the machine. 
    • Filters need to be replaced every 6 months.
    • When it’s time to replace the filters, EHS will supply the filter replacements at no cost to the department. 

For questions, please contact Viktor Gough at vgough@unm.edu.