Roger D. Pierce.">
Diplomat in Residence Ambassador Roger D. Pierce recently arrived from the U.S. State Department to serve a one or two-year term with the UNM Office of Career Services.

Pierce's duties include disseminating information about career opportunities; identifying and counseling diverse candidates for student and career opportunities; guiding candidates through the foreign service exam application and examination process; representing the department at conferences and career fairs; supporting programs sponsored by foreign affairs groups; and engaging in outreach to the military, professional organizations and other local groups.

"I am delighted to be here," said Pierce. "I am excited to be involved in recruiting talented people to join our organization who will have an impact on its future."

Though based out of UNM, Pierce will be responsible for a region including all of N.M., West Texas, Colo. and Wyo. He will be traveling throughout the region to meet with Career Services staff, as well as faculty and students to educate them about careers within the Department of State.

Pierce hopes to recruit several people from his region, stating, "We are always looking for diversity in the foreign service, not only with regard to gender, race and ethnicity, but also geographically."

Pierce said he is not pursuing students with any specific majors – as all majors are potentially applicable to work within the department – and is instead concentrating his efforts on intelligent students who communicate well, work well with others, are comfortable working with foreign cultures and motivated to succeed.

Part of the recruiting process will involve hosting various activities throughout the year, including information sessions and career fairs, as well as meeting with students, faculty and staff and various affinity groups. "This is one of the best jobs in the world," he said. "If the students we recruit enjoy their opportunity even a fraction of what I do, they will have a great time."

Pierce has held distinguished titles such as consular officer in Mexico City, and Santiago, Chile; chief of the consular section in Calcutta, India and Istanbul, Turkey; and U.S. ambassador to the Republic of Cape Verde. Pierce served posts in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and received the U.S. Special Operations Command's Outstanding Civilian Services Award – the third highest award the U.S. military can confer on a civilian.

Pierce can be reached at (505) 277-2531 or by e-mail,

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