The U.S. is placing a new emphasis on small technology-based businesses as a way to economic recovery and prosperity. To help in this effort, the Anderson School of Management is offering free consulting services to small New Mexico technology businesses in their quest for larger markets and better financial returns.

Students and their faculty advisors in the Management of Technology (MOT) Program at the Anderson School are now accepting applications from small New Mexico tech companies interested in having students analyze markets, competitors, value propositions, the disruptive technology commercialization path and financial forecasts.

The consultations are free to small New Mexico tech companies with less than 500 employees and a New Mexico gross receipts tax ID number. The MOT Program can offer the services for free because of funding from Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories through the New Mexico Small Business Assistance (NMSBA) program. The funding pays for student time as well as faculty mentorship. This service is in addition to consultations offered by the UNM Small Business Institute (SBI) at the Anderson School of Management to help small non-tech business owners create business, expansion, and marketing plans for a $500 fee.

More than 200 small NM tech companies have received free help from NMSBA over the past 15 years. Sul Kassicieh, UNM Distinguished Professor and Anderson's endowed chair in economic development, says the process is beneficial to both the student and the business owner.

"The grants from Sandia and Los Alamos help small NM companies enhance their business and give our students a great experience working with real companies," says Dr. Kassicieh. "This program helps New Mexico develop skilled talent and our businesses to develop their markets."

Interested technology-based business owners with less than 500 employees and a NM gross receipts tax ID number are strongly encouraged to apply. The application is available online at SBA Program Application.

For more information e-mail Kassicieh at or call (505) 277-8881.