Howard Kraye, lecturer at Anderson School of Management, and his students recently handed the United Way a check for $25,000.

The money was raised by two of Kraye's fall classes.  He instructed the students to choose either a marketing project or to manufacture a product that they designed.

Kraye gave the marketing team $600 and the manufacturing team $1200 of his own money. The students had 16 weeks to form a legal company, choose whether to put on a charity event or make a product, earn enough money to pay back the starting capital and donate the rest to a charity of their choice.

"We at ASM want students to learn about risk, cooperation, community involvement and doing something that makes a difference," Kraye said, "and you can't grasp the nuances of those things using only the conventional means of lectures and textbooks."

The events and products the students produced, along with the money they raised for local charities, was done through their own ingenuity, creativity and hard work said Kraye.

The check was given to Marla Wood, chair of the UNM United Way campaign, Friday, Dec. 17, the last official day of the fundraiser on campus.

"100% of the student's United Way contribution will go to the charitable organization of their choice," Wood said. "That's the beauty of giving to the United Way."

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