Learn about the market and the craft of writing at the 11th Annual Writer’s Conference, “From Start to Sales” hosted by University of New Mexico Continuing Education, Saturday, April 18 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

David Morrell, best known for his 1972 debut novel “First Blood,” which developed into the successful Rambo film franchise starring Sylvester Stallone, is the keynote speaker.

“We are excited to host David Morrell as our keynote speaker this year,” said Marie McGhee, conference coordinator. “As a New York Times best-selling author, he will share lessons learned from a lifetime of writing.”

Sarah Lovett, co-author of “Blowback” and “Burned” with Valerie Plame Wilson, will offer participants tips on novel and memoir writing. Much of her work has been inspired by her experience working as a legal researcher for the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office, work that often took her inside the New Mexico State Penitentiary.

In preparation for the conference, think of questions you’d like answered during the 90 minute panel discussion. Write them down and be prepared to take the microphone and ask them.

Take advantage of the opportunity to network with other writers, teachers, agents and editors at breaks and during lunch. Move around from table to table and engage in conversation. Check out the book table, not only for books written by the participants, but for additional books on the craft of writing in your genre, whether it be historical fiction, memoir or poetry.

Attendees who enroll by April 1st get a free, 10 minute, one-on-one meeting with the editor or agent of choice to “pitch” a writing project. Attendees may only choose one person, but may ask questions of other speakers throughout the day. One-on-one meetings will take place during concurrent lectures. After registering for the conference, contact Sandra Toro at storo32567@aol.com to sign up for the 10 minute pitch.

For registration and a full schedule of events, visit XI Writer’s Conference or call 277-0077, extension 1. For additional inquiries, contact Marie McGhee at 277-6320 or mmcghee@unm.edu.

Continuing Education is located at 1634 University Blvd. NE, just north of Indian School.