The highly awarded 2011 documentary "Crime After Crime" returns to the University of New Mexico Law School on Thursday, Sept. 20 at 6 p.m.  Filmmaker Yoav Potash, who lived in Santa Fe, N.M. during the final two of the six-year project, will attend.

The film tells the story of the legal battle to free Debbie Peagler, an incarcerated survivor of domestic violence.  Peagler spent decades in prison for her connection to the murder of a man who abused her and forced her into prostitution. Her story took an unexpected turn 20 years later when two rookie land-use attorneys stepped forward to take her case and fight for her freedom.  The depth of corruption and politically driven resistance they encountered sent them down a "nightmarish, bureaucratic rabbit hole of injustice." The investigation attracted global attention to victims of wrongful incarceration and abuse.

The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2011, and has since earned 23 major awards

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