What makes a photographic masterpiece? Michele Penhall, curator of prints and photographs at the University of New Mexico Art Museum, shares her insights into the evolving understanding of photography.

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Additionally, Jennifer Nez Denetdale, the great, great, great granddaughter of legendary Navajo leaders Manuelito and Juanita, shares her discoveries while writing her book: "Reclaiming Dine History: The Legacies of Navajo Chief Manuelito and Juanita."

Greg Taylor answers questions about detecting distant planets using a telescope called the Long Wavelength Array.

• Michele M. Penhall, curator, prints and photographs, UNM Art Museum
• Jennifer Nez Denetdale, associate professor of American Studies, UNM.
• Gregory B. Taylor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, UNM.

• Augusta Meyers

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