Are you looking for research partners? Are you interested in timely research findings? If so, the faculty and students in the UNM's Department of Individual, Family and Community Education (IFCE) invite you to learn more about its research on critical health, well-being and education issues in New Mexico and beyond at its Annual Research Showcase on Tuesday, Nov. 13. Hosted by the College of Education, the Showcase will be held in Travelstead Hall from 5 to 7:30 p.m.

More than 35 researchers have signed up to discuss research topics such as School Breakfast, Culturally Responsive Curriculum, LGBTQ Curriculum, Fathering, Diet and Inflammation, Group Counseling, Play and learning, Transdisciplinarity, Effective Feedback, Reading Strategies, Student Success Skills and Naturalistic Inquiry.

Some of the research topics include an Interactive Learning Assessment System, which includes designing and testing an innovative instructional delivery system, Interactive Learning Assessment System (ILAS) and nutrition curricular cases focusing on childhood obesity and food safety that provide simulated experiential learning for students and Why Does Bullying Exist: An Exploration, a poster presentation that gives evidence of what we know about bullying, the theories that are attributed to it, current programming and statistics about bullying in schools.

Other research topics include: Preventative Programming: Decreasing High Risk Behaviors Through Parent-School Collaboration, a poster presentation that represents future research proposal that demonstrates a need for parent-school collaboration to decrease high risk behaviors in students; and also Humanism in Education: Focusing on Self-Concept and Self-Direction in 21st Century Learners that focuses on humanistic psychology involving a person's engagement with self and with life.

For more information, visit: Department of Individual, Family and Community Education.