Reuben Hersh and Vera John-Steiner will discuss and sign copies of their recently published work "Loving and Hating Mathematics" (Princeton University Press.) at the UNM Bookstore Tuesday, March 8 at 2 p.m. This event is free and open to the public.

Mathematics is often thought of as the coldest expression of pure reason. But few subjects provoke hotter emotions and inspire more love and hatred than mathematics. Although math is frequently idealized as floating above the messiness of human life, its story is nothing if not human; often, it is all too human. "Loving and Hating Mathematics" is about the hidden human, emotional, and social forces that shape mathematics and affect the experiences of students and mathematicians. Written in a lively, accessible style, and filled with gripping stories and anecdotes, the book brings home the intense pleasures and pains of mathematical life.

Hersh is professor emeritus of mathematics at the University of New Mexico, and coauthor of "The Mathematical Experience," a National Book Award winner, as well as the author of "What Is Mathematics, Really?"

John-Steiner is professor emerita of linguistics and education at the University of New Mexico. Her books include "Notebooks of the Mind," winner of the William James Book Award, and "Creative Collaboration."

The UNM Bookstore is located at 2301 Central Ave. NE at the intersection of Cornell and Central. Parking will be validated in the parking structure for up to one hour with purchase. Contact Lisa Walden at 505-277-7494 for more information.