The UNM Office of Graduate Studies announces winners of several scholarships and awards for academic year 2012 -2013. These awards to both faculty and graduate students support timely completion of theses and dissertations, promote mentoring initiatives by both faculty and graduate students, and provide opportunities to develop an array of skills for future faculty. OGS has also awarded the Tom L. Popejoy prize, which will be announced separately.

The Graduate Research Supplement is awarded to ABD doctoral students pursuing advanced writing and research.

Winners include:
Elena Aviles, Spanish & Portuguese—for archival research in the Special Collections Libraries at the University of California, Santa Barbara and University of California, Los Angeles.
Philip Hultquist, Political Science—for field research in India to explore sub-state origins of effective counterinsurgency.
Menuka Karki, Economics—for research concerning a sustainable solid waste management system in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Nathan Lord, Biology—for dissertation research (including research trips and field work) on southern hemisphere biogeography.
Ying Wang, Chemistry—for field research at the Biological Imaging Facility at Northwestern University to carry out cryogenic transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM) imaging experiments.

The Future Faculty Award supports summer coursework, research or professional development opportunities not available at UNM and directly related to preparing the graduate student for a career in higher education. Winners include:
Maurice Crandall, History—for travel to Nebraska and Arizona to support doctoral research in Native American history.
Jessica Jones, Political Science—for participation in a summer research program at the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) in Michigan.
Carmen Lowry, Communication and Journalism—for attendance at the Summer Institute sponsored by Northwestern University's Center for Forced Migration Studies.

The Faculty Mentor Award recognizes faculty members who have provided exceptional service in mentoring graduate students in their department, program and/or across the college and university. Winners include:
Jedidiah Crandall, Computer Science—for extensive involvement in departmental outreach efforts and graduate student advisement and mentorship.
Anita Obermeier, English—for service as associate chair for Graduate Studies in English and overall excellence in teaching, service, research and mentorship.
Paul Zandbergen, Geography—for service as director of Graduate Studies in Geography and general dedication to departmental graduate students.

The Graduate Student Mentor Award recognizes graduate students who have demonstrated excellence in mentoring activities that benefit graduate students in their own or other departments. Winners include:
Lisa Bryant, Political Science—for devotion to helping fellow graduate students with research and coursework and participation in university graduate student organizations.
Roya Ensafi, Computer Science—for service as president of departmental Graduate Student Association and dedicated assistance and support of fellow graduate students.
Doug Manning, Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences—for mentorship of departmental Teaching Assistants and general graduate student support.

The Dean's Dissertation Fellowship is one of the University's most prestigious awards for graduate students, recognizing important and innovative doctoral research. It provides one year of financial assistance to students nearing completion of a terminal (PhD, EdD, or MFA) degree. Winners include:
Lisa Bryant, Political Science—to support the final writing of the dissertation, "For Research on the Mobilizing Minority and Immigrant Voters in California using a Field Experiment Conducted During the 2010 General Election."
Thanhvu Nguyen, Computer Science—to support the final writing of the dissertation, "Dynamic Analysis Guided Constraint Solving for Invariant Generation and Program Repair."

As the central graduate academic administrative unit at the University of New Mexico, the Office of Graduate Studies promotes the success of graduate students and graduate programs by providing broad oversight of program quality, managing academic policies and administering financial support in the form of assistantships, fellowships, scholarships, grants and awards. For more information about the OGS awards or award recipients, contact the Office of Graduate Studies or call (505) 277-2711.

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