On July 1, Kim Kloeppel, fiscal and planning officer for Student Affairs, assumed the responsibilities of the Dean of Students on an interim basis in addition to her current position in the office of Student Affairs. Kloeppel was named interim Dean of Students with the retirement of Randy Boeglin, who retired on June 30, 2010.

Kloeppel has been on campus for 15 years and has held a number of administrative and fiscal roles including program director and associate director for operations at UNM Student Health and Counseling (SHAC), and her current role in Student Affairs.  During her time at SHAC, she administered and oversaw a budget of $6 million and was responsible for hiring personnel, accounts payable and receivable, marketing and building planning among a vast list of other duties.  

In her current role as Fiscal and Planning Officer her responsibilities, include divisional fiscal allocations, monitoring of budgets, developing and overseeing assessment and evaluation within the Division of Student Affairs.  She has also been an integral part of the division's strategic planning and project coordination, collaboration and implementation. 

Kloeppel brings to the Dean of Students office her extensive UNM experience and an impressive list of achievements, including researching tools for assessment and evaluation and implementing training, support, protocols to create an assessment committee for the division; serving as the Student Affairs representative on UNM campus-wide committees, including Information Technology Cabinet, Honors Residence Life Task Force, Graduation Task Force, Student Veterans of UNM, Text Messaging Committee, Enterprise E-mail & Calendar Steering Committee, Lobo DataMart, Fiscal Agent and the Student Fee Review Board.  She has also been extremely involved with the Children's Campus expansion, new Student Recreation Center and renovation and development of new student housing on campus programs. 

Dr. Eliseo Torres, Vice President of Student Affairs said, "I have been impressed with her expertise in assessment and leadership not only on our campus, but nationally, especially with Student Voice assessment programs."

Additionally, Kloeppel has implemented new committees for the division including the Information Technology User Group, Banner User Group, Webmaster User/Marketing & Branding Committee, and Facebook User Group.  She has also been instrumental in collaborating and providing input in developing the division's Strategic and Master Plan, and participating in the campus-wide master plan. 

Kloeppel says she is excited to take on this new role.  "I look forward to working with the staff in the Dean of Students office, as well as working closely with the staff, faculty and students on campus," she said. 

During her time in the position, she will be looking at possible collaboration and initiatives with numerous campus departments to create opportunities for student success and support.  She will strive to assist students in fulfilling and sustaining their potential and academic experience on campus. 

Kloeppel is also beginning her dissertation and will soon complete her doctorate in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology (OLIT). 

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