Two directors from The University of New Mexico's Institutional Support Services, including Carrie Mitchell of UNM Bookstores and Wayne Sullivan of Residence Life & Student Housing, have announced plans to retire at the end of January.

Carrie Mitchell
Carrie Mitchell’s career began at Kansas State University before becoming a Lobo in 2002 and joining the UNM Bookstores team as the book division manager, overseeing course materials and general books.

"It is the best combined group I have worked with in my career. They are ready to reach a new level." - Carrie Mitchell, UNM Bookstores director

Carrie Mitchell

“Back then we supported about 50 book events on campus,” Mitchell said. “I got the opportunity to meet so many wonderful authors like David Sedaris, Isabel Allende and Tony Hillerman.”

Throughout her 19-year career at UNM, Mitchell served as associate director and interim director before officially becoming the UNM Bookstores’ Director in 2015. For the last 6 years, Mitchell has led the UNM Bookstores team in its mission to support the success of students, faculty, staff and administration.

“During my entire time here, I have enjoyed the great relationships and partnerships with the wonderful departments, groups and faculty that are UNM,” Mitchell said. “Students have been so important to what I do each and every day. Supporting students through employment, striving to provide affordable course materials and bringing together a great selection of Lobo products to show pride in UNM is the major focus of the wonderful Bookstore Team. What more would you want in a career.”

Mitchell said she’s enjoyed her career at UNM, but won’t deny she is looking forward to retirement. She said she knows the Bookstore’s leadership team and employees are committed and capable of carrying on with the mission to support the University without her.

“It is the best-combined group I have worked within my career. They are ready to reach a new level. I am so excited for them and can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the coming years,” she said.

Throughout her career, Mitchell proudly served on several associations in various positions including the National Association of College Stores chair of Conference on Textbooks and Technology, the Rocky Mountain Skyline Bookstore Association vice president/president-elect, store trustee and the New Mexico College Bookstore Association president, vice president, membership and meetings chair.

“Over the years, Carrie has exemplified leading-by-example through her honest, compassionate and friendly approaches to engagement with both her staff and customers,” said Melanie Sparks, assistant vice president of Campus Business Services for UNM’s Institutional Support Services. “I will greatly miss her enthusiasm, sincerity and commitment to UNM Bookstores and the UNM community.”


Wayne Sullivan
A life-long resident Lobo, Wayne Sullivan, is saying goodbye after 29 years at UNM Residence Life & Student Housing. 

sullivan outlook
Wayne Sullivan

Sullivan became a Lobo in 1981 as an undergraduate. From 1981 to 1991 he lived on-campus and worked for UNM’s Student Employment Experiences, during which time he earned a bachelor’s degree in education and an MBA in Human Resources Management, both from UNM.

"I am very fortunate to have spent my career in student housing for UNM. I believe in the mission and values of our department." - Wayne Sullivan, UNM Residence Life & Student Housing director 

In 1992, Sullivan became an Area Residence Life Coordinator for UNM Residence Life & Student Housing. Throughout his time with the department, he also served as a Senior Area Coordinator and Residence Life Manager, before becoming director in 2013. 

“Throughout his career, he’s taken great pride in working for the department because he truly believes in the positive impact that campus-living has on student success and how much it adds to the overall college experience,” Sparks said. “I will greatly miss his positive outlook, leadership and commitment to RLSH and UNM.”  

Sullivan said he made his decision to retire knowing that his department has tremendous and dedicated staff in place to continue providing students with high-quality housing facilities and services.

“I am very fortunate to have spent my career in student housing for UNM,” he said. “I believe in the mission and values of our department and appreciate the opportunity to have worked with my staff and UNM colleagues to provide the best collegiate residential experience possible for UNM’s students. I have no doubt that this will continue in the future."