This week on New Mexico in Focus, panelists discuss the debate surrounding whether women should be ordained as priests in the Catholic Church. Viewers will catch a sneak peak of Pink Smoke Over the Vatican, a new documentary exploring women's role in the church.

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Also this week, panelists offer their perspectives on two hot issues around the state: how to deal with the state's massive deficit problem and the controversy surrounding a new contraception policy at Albuquerque Public Schools.


•Wardene Crowley, Instructor, UNM Religious Studies
•Dr. Renny Golden, Author, Poet and Activist
•Jules Hart, Producer/Director, Film: "Pink Smoke Over the Vatican"

 Guest Panelists:

•Stephanie Maez-Gibson, Communications Director, Center for Civic Policy
•TJ Trout, Radio Host, 94 Rock FM    

THE LINE Panelists:

•Sophie Martin, Managing Editor,
•Laura E. Sanchez, Former Executive Director, New Mexico Democratic Party

NMIF Correspondent:

•Gwyneth Doland, Former Editor,


•Gene Grant, Weekly Alibi Columnist

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