This week on New Mexico in Focus, the line discusses the implications for New Mexico after the United States Supreme Court's decision to overturn the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

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The group also examines an audit by the Human Services Department of state spending on behavioral health providers and discusses transparency in government, as Gov. Susana Martinez's administration refuses to release records of a hunting trip taken by First Gentleman Chuck Franco.

Additionally, Albuquerque Journal's John Fleck and freelance environmental journalist Laura Paskus discuss New Mexico’s changing attitude towards water and the fight to conserve the resource.

• John Fleck, Science Writer, Albuquerque Journal
• Laura Paskus, Freelance Environmental Journalist

Line Panelists
• James Monteleone, Albuquerque Journal
• Rob Nikolewski, New Mexico Watchdog
• Laura Sanchez, New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce
• Milan Simonich, Texas New Mexico Newspapers Partnership

• Matt Grubs, NMiF Producer

Host/ Commentator
• Gene Grant, Weekly Alibi columnist

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