It's campaign season and New Mexico's popular governor is waging war on select seats in the state legislature. What's her strategy and why doesn't it seem to include appearances for any federal candidates? The Line opinion panel digs in. The panel also looks at claims from Independent Source PAC that it legally obtained sensitive emails between top Martinez administration officials. How? By connecting with a source who bought the governor's 2010 campaign web domain right out from under her.

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The Line also looks at New Mexico's energy future. A blossoming oil play in the Four Corners once again shines the spotlight on New Mexico's rich fossil fuels. What role
should renewable resources like solar and wind play in the future?

Martha Burk returns with a closer look at the women's vote, as both Democrats and Republicans try to win women over, and win the White House.

Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, comes in to discuss his friend and colleague, Glen Doherty, who was killed during the riots in Benghazi, Libya. Weinstein has crusaded against proselytizing in the military and also worries about painting all members of one faith with the same brush.

Lastly, the opinion panel goes on the clock to discuss the rest of the week's headlines.

• Mikey Weinstein, founder, Military Religious Freedom Foundation
• Martha Burk, author and political analyst

The Line Guest Panelists
• Whitney Waite, principal, The Waite Company
• Steve Terrell, political reporter, Santa Fe New Mexican

The Line Panelists
• Sophie Martin, editor, New Mexico Law Review
• John Wertheim, former New Mexico Democratic Party Chairman

• Matt Grubs, producer

• Gene Grant

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