This week on New Mexico in Focus, Martha Burk, author of "Your Voice, Your Vote: The Savvy Woman's Guide to Power, Politics, and the Change We Need," sits down with Linda Lopez, Howie Morales and Gary King, three candidates running in the Democratic primary for governor. The candidates will speak about their views on education, the economy and gender equity issues. The primary takes place Tuesday, June 3 and early voting begins Saturday, May 17.

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Also this week, Gene Grant sits down with Albuquerque Journal reporter Dan McKay to talk about events at the Albuquerque City Council this week. Protests shut down the council after another shooting by Albuquerque police of a man who had barricaded himself in his home. Additionally, the Line panel discusses protestors and the police force, out-of-state fundraising by Gov. Susana Martinez, a resolution over public art pieces at the National Hispanic Cultural Center and a Supreme Court decision that allows some convicted felons to own guns and run for office. 


  • Gary King, Democratic gubernational candidate
  • Linda Lopez, Democratic gubernational candidate
  • Howie Morales, Democratic gubernational candidate
  • Dan McKay, reporter, Albuquerque Journal

Line Panelists:

  • Dan Foley, former House Minority Whip
  • Sophie Martin, attorney
  • Rob Nikolewski, New Mexico Watchdog/Capitol Report New Mexico

Guest Line Panelists:

  • Diane Denish, former Lieutenant Governor


  • Martha Burk, NMiF special correspondent


  • Gene Grant

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