This week New Mexico in Focus Correspondent Matt Grubs interviews former White House Photographer Eric Draper, who served as President George W. Bush's chief photographer for all eight years of his presidency, during which time he took nearly a million photos. Draper photographed the president at the Oval Office and attending official functions, as well as capturing President Bush during more personal moments. Draper was in New Mexico recently promoting the release of his book “Front Row Seat.”

The Line opinion panel looks at the implications of the George Zimmerman trial and the verdict of not-guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin. It has been almost two weeks since the verdict was reached on Saturday, July 13. With time for reflection, have opinions changed since initial reactions? The panel examines this trial and its outcome, and what it means to a very similar case here in New Mexico.

The Line also looks at the recommendation by the fledgling jobs council that New Mexico add 170,000 new non-service-sector jobs by 2023 in order to become economically competitive. How might the state add nearly 170,000 jobs a year over the next 10 years? The Line also discusses a petition making the rounds in Albuquerque that could put a city-wide ban on late term abortions.

• Eric Draper, former White House photographer

Line Guests
• Dr. Harold Bailey, president, Albuquerque Chapter, NAACP
• Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, professor, UNM School of Law

Line Panelists
• Tom Garrity, The Garrity Group PR
• Laura Sanchez, CEO, New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce

• Matt Grubs, former NMiF producer

• Gene Grant

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