After two weeks of deceptively quiet work at the Roundhouse, lawmakers are now moving quickly to pass the redistricting proposals that have emerged from closed-door caucus meetings. The Democrats who control both houses of the Legislature are in the driver's seat, but Republicans are quick to warn that a veto from Governor Susana Martinez could stall those plans. If a compromise isn't found, the matter could end up in court yet again.

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Also this week on NMIF, former Lieutenant Governor Walter Bradley joins The Line to talk about the horsetrading that goes on at this stage of redistricting. He'll also sound-off on a host of issues as THE LINE goes on the clock, including: Gary Johnson's invitation to a nationally televised Republican presidential debate; what the execution of a Georgia prisoner means for convicted cop killer Michael Paul Astorga; and as the Hispanic Leadership Network opens its conference in Albuquerque this week, host Gene Grant discusses with the panelists the lengths politicians will go to court the Hispanic vote. Also, Correspondent Gwyneth Doland patrols the Roundhouse yet again, speaking to lawmakers about the week's progress and sitting down for a one-on-one interview with Gov. Martinez's Chief of Staff, Keith Gardner.

• Keith Gardner, chief of staff, Gov. Susana Martinez

The Line Guest Panelist
• Walter Bradley, Former Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico

The Line Panelists
• Dan Foley, former Republican House Whip
• Sophie Martin, social media consultant
• Laura Sanchez, environmental lawyer, Natural Resources Defense Council

New Mexico in Focus Correspondent
• Gwyneth Doland

• Gene Grant

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