Why is it important for prairie dogs to be restored to their native habitat? Biologist Ana Davidson and Petunia, a prairie dog, share insights about the ecology of New Mexico's grasslands and the importance of re-establishing this keystone species.

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Can human bone and heart valves be grown in the laboratory? Elizabeth Dirk explains how medicine is being reinvented through research into self-renewing stem cells that act as a repair system for the human body.

And for this month's Viewer Question, John Russell and his students answer the question, "How does building a racecar help UNM engineering students achieve their career goals?" 

• Ana D. Davidson, postdoctoral researcher, UNM Department of Biology, UNM
• Elizabeth H. Dirk, assistant professor, UNM Centennial Engineering Center, Biomaterials Research, Stem Cell Research
• John Russell, professor, UNM School of Engineering

• Augusta Meyers

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