New Mexico in Focus host Gene Grant and the Line opinion panelists discuss the many sides of a scandal in the administration of Albuquerque Public Schools. Deputy superintendent Jason Martinez, who resigned late last week, is facing felony charges in two cases in Colorado.

APS superintendent Dr. Luis Valentino, who has only been on the job a few months, says he did not know about the charges against Martinez but Karen Rudys, the interim assistant superintendent for HR, says she notified Dr. Valentino multiple times that Martinez had not completed a background check.

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How has the Navajo Nation responded in recent weeks to the toxic wastewater spill in the Animas River? Antonia Gonzales, anchor and producer of National Native News, joins NMIF in studio to share the insights from her recent reporting on the impact of the spill.

Heroin addiction is a rising concern across the United States, including in New Mexico. NMIF’s new correspondent Stan Wilson sits down with two local advocates to talk about how heroin and opiate addiction has impacted their lives, and what steps can be taken to provide more intervention and treatment options for New Mexicans who are addicted to heroin or prescription painkillers.

Antonia Gonzales, National Native News
Demian Rubalcaba, Center for Family and Adolescent Research
Harris Silver, retired MD from UNMH, drug policy analyst and advocate

Dede Feldman, former New Mexico state senator    
Dan Foley, former New Mexico House Minority Whip
Rob Nikolewski,
Laura Sanchez-Rivét, attorney - Sanchez Legal Solutions       

Sarah Gustavus
Stan Wilson

Gene Grant

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