Professor Emeritus Peter Pabisch, German Studies, in the College of Arts & Sciences, recently received the Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art, first class. Presenting the medal was Karin Proidl, Consul General of Austria.

Michael Dougher, senior vice provost, Academic Affairs, noted Pabisch's distinguished research, scholarship and teaching during his long career at UNM.

Pabisch, an Austrian native, started teaching at UNM in 1972. He's authored numerous scholarly books as well as co-editing or editing many others. His writing isn't limited to academic topics, but spans to the creative as well. He's both poet and sketch artist.

"He's published more in the years since becoming an emeritus professor than many do during their professional tenure," Dougher said. Pabisch continues to produce journalistic essays as well as scholarly chapters, articles and notes.

The Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art "acknowledges and rewards leading personalities who have been of special service to our country," Proidl said.

She highlighted Pabisch's "40 plus years of academic and cultural work," noting that he has been a "precious gem" to the close relations between Austria and the United States.

"In his teachings and writings, Professor Peter Pabisch consistently highlighted the many features of Austria's cultural characteristics and cultural wealth, the colorful, highly diverse and most charming Austrian aspects of the German language as well as the richness of Austria's literary circle and the creativity of our writers," Proidl said.

She noted his co-founding of the German Summer School, dedicated to German speaking countries and training language teachers and students. "Professor Pabisch consistently aimed at including Austrian topics, writers and lecturers in the program," she said. The German Summer School continues to flourish under colleagues in German Studies.

Proidl also took note that Pabisch was founder of the Atlantic Bridge on the Camino Real, developed to promote academic partnerships and exchange programs.

"In a nutshell," she said, "Professor Pabisch widely opened windows towards Austria and he opened hearts and doors for Austria."

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