In the ongoing pursuit to find a solution for the Lottery Scholarship deficit, the University of New Mexico Parent Association recently conducted a survey asking parents with students at UNM questions about the Lottery Scholarship. The results of the survey were discussed at a recent Parent Association board meeting where it was decided that members and parents would travel to Santa Fe for “UNM Day at the Capitol,” Wednesday, Feb. 5, to share the results with legislators.

Close to 96 percent of parents who participated in the survey said that the lottery scholarship was important to their student attending college. Angi Gonzales Carver, president of the Parent Association said, “We need to stress to legislators the necessity of the lottery scholarship for New Mexico families.”

Gonzales Carver added that she was delighted at the large number of individuals who participated in the survey and how pleased she was with the responses. “It’s important to get our voices heard and to be involved in our children’s educational success,” she said.