The exhibition, “Business of Childhood,” features a treasure trove of toys and the books that explain the business behind them. All grace the cases at the entrance to Parish Memorial Library, UNM’ s business and economics library.

Nancy Bennett, Parish Library information specialist III, recently installed the exhibition. Every semester she puts up a different exhibit. Her daughter Zuri, now 26, saved her toys. “We poked through boxes to find things suitable for an exhibit,” Bennett said, adding that the toy collection has grown because of the mother and daughter’s penchant for scouring yard sales.

In the exhibit are dolls of many varieties, including the requisite Barbies, as well as Furbies, Babe the Pig and baby dolls. A couple of those babies look remarkably real. “Those dolls are weighted to feel like you’re holding a real baby. It’s kind of creepy, actually,” Bennett said. Also included are Beanie Babies. “We have enough of those to do an exhibit on those alone. I think they breed when you’re not looking,” she said.

Well-loved stuffed animals sit quietly on the shelves.

Games – Monopoly, Clue, Connect Four, Uno and others are displayed. Bennett did a great job, not only in collecting and choosing what to put in the exhibit, but in setting up the exhibit, as well. Tucked between dolls and Legos are books that entice passersby to learn more.

The exhibition will be up through February.