UNM Zimmerman Library, Agora Crisis Center, NAMI UNM (an on-campus affiliate of National Alliance on Mental Illness) and Compassionate Touch Network are

"I took this photo because the horse and I have had a hard life and we didn't give up..."

partnering to bring a unique photo exhibit to the Albuquerque community Mar. 20 – Apr. 14 in the Zimmerman Library. The artists and mentors at a special meet-n-greet Thursday, Apr. 6 at the library.

PhotoVoice: Untold Minds gives voice to the individual and collective experiences of individuals living with serious mental illness. It uses a visual storytelling model to share photos, stories and communities.

The program also includes a one-on-one mentorship program. Mentors who are involved with photography either professionally or as a hobby guide the artists through the PhotoVoice process, devoting fifteen to twenty hours over the course of two months. The mentorship relationship includes photo field trips and support in photo selection. Each artist participant learns to use their camera to capture images that hold meaning for them. With the assistance of their mentor, they build a narrative that reflects how the photo speaks to their personal story.

To coincide with the exhibit, there will also be a Mental Health Resource Fair on Thursday, Apr. 6 from 12-1:30 p.m. in the SUB.