"Today’s announcement by the Department of Homeland Security that it would not move forward with its proposed guidance to revoke the VISAs of international students who moved entirely to online instruction is a victory for our international students, as well as welcome news for colleges and universities who value their contributions to our classrooms and our communities.

"I am pleased that New Mexico was one of 17 states, along with the District of Columbia, who stood up for our international students and sued to block this unjust and restrictive rule. Apart from its fundamental unfairness, it is especially irresponsible to mandate any particular course of instruction for any students during a global pandemic, when colleges and universities must be permitted the flexibility to adopt policies, protocols, and means of instruction that protect the health and safety of the entire university community.

"Our international students make our university, our state, and our nation richer and more diverse. As Lobos, and as New Mexicans, we have always embraced the differences that make us individually unique, and woven them together to create a stronger, more diverse, and cohesive community—a community that continues to warmly welcome students from cultures around the globe.  

"I am encouraged by today’s decision, and we shall always remain vigilant when it comes to protecting the fundamental rights of our students to a safe and exceptional higher education."

Garnett S. Stokes
UNM President