Nicolas Estrada with UNM's new bike pump

Founded over three decades ago to accommodate the growing demand for high-quality bike repair and services within the UNM community, the Lobo Bike Shop provides service at a discounted rate for students, staff, and faculty. 

Thanks to the visionary efforts of UNM student Nicolas Estrada, who secured funding through the Office of Sustainability Green Fund, the shop now has a state-of-the-art bike pump available to all. This free service enables cyclists with a convenient place on campus to inflate their tires and ensure a smooth and safe ride, contributing to both personal convenience and sustainable practices.

Facilities Management (FM) played a pivotal role in supporting this process by installing the bike pump. This collaboration underscores the University's commitment to sustainability and creating an environment that encourages eco-friendly transportation options.

UNM's new bike pump

The introduction of the complimentary bike pump aligns seamlessly with the Lobo Bike Shop's ongoing commitment to sustainability. By encouraging regular maintenance and tire care, the shop is playing a significant role in reducing unnecessary waste generated by discarded tubes and tires. This initiative not only benefits the environment but also empowers cyclists to take proactive steps towards a greener future.

A special acknowledgment goes to FM Sustainability Manager, Mary Clark, for her instrumental role in securing funding for this project. Her dedication and advocacy have contributed to the realization of this valuable addition to the campus infrastructure. Additionally, Charles Gwinn, outdoor adventure center program specialist, played a crucial role in ensuring the successful completion of this project.

With a variety of premium services, a dedication to affordability, and a renewed focus on environmental responsibility, the Lobo Bike Shop continues to set the standard for excellence in bike repair and maintenance.

For more information on the Lobo Bike Shop, visit the Lobo Bike Shop website here or the shop located on the north side of Redondo Dr NE just west of Johnson Field on UNM campus.