New Mexico in Focus tackles the past and future this week, as the 70th anniversary of the Bataan Death March approaches. U.S. Senator Tom Udall talks about his efforts, along with other members of Congress, to honor veterans of the march by awarding them the Congressional Gold Medal.

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Other topics this week include:

• Budget changes at N.M.'s nuclear laboratories loom large for the future. Sen. Udall addresses what's ahead for Los Alamos and Sandia.

• The Line hits the campaign trail in-depth this week, as the opinion panel talks about N.M.'s place in the national political landscape, as well as some new twists in primary battles for seats in the state legislature.

• A Republican stalwart in the N.M. State Senate, Rod Adair stunned the political world this week when he announced he won't seek reelection in the face of a primary battle. Adair sits down to talk about his efforts to ensure Republican gains in the state legislature and what's ahead for him.

• Tom Udall, (D) United States Senator
• Rod Adair, (R) New Mexico State Senator

Guest Panelists
• John Wertheim, former N.M. Democratic Party Chairman
• Jamie P. Estrada, vice president, DW Turner

Line Panelists
• Dan Foley, former N.M. House Republican Whip
• Sophie Martin, scial media consultant 

• Matt Grubs

• Gene Grant

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