On Sunday, Dec. 18, "The Colt Balok Show,” along with the Public Service Company of New Mexico and the UNM Army ROTC, are teaming up to host the largest blood drive in New Mexico history with a goal to save 600 lives. The event is set for 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at The University of New Mexico SUB Ballrooms.

The deadline to signup is Thursday, Dec. 15. To sign up, visit coltbalok.com/angelnetwork.

Balok’s goal is to raise 600 pints of donated blood as part of the blood drive which would take 200 participants to donate. UNM’s Army ROTC has registered nearly 30 participants as a single organization.

Balok’s Angel Network is designed to initiate, support, and execute charitable projects in an effort to emphasize our collective ability to improve the lives of others by playing a direct role in the prosperity of our communities, and world at large. It all starts with inspiring individuals to create opportunities that enable others to rise to their potential despite adversity, challenge, and hardship.

Whether it's promoting education, safety, creating support, or fostering sanctuaries to develop the leaders of tomorrow, the Angel Network puts a spotlight on the individuals and organizations who make a difference.

Balok's vision for Angel Network came from the belief that we shouldn't just live our best lives, but give our best lives by helping those in need and encourage everyone to never forget our miraculous ability to make an impact.

For more information, visit Angel Network.