Sayyed Shah, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Communication and Journalism at UNM, speaks at noon on Wednesday, Sept. 30 in Mitchell Hall, room 102. Shah presents a talk titled “Identity, Religion and Politics: The Impact of War in the Middle East on South Asia,"

Shah worked with Radio Free Europe as a reporter covering the city of Peshawar and the tribal area of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan. He also covered militancy, politics and crimes for the leading Pakistani newspapers.

Shah will be speaking on a complex subject. The war in the Middle East directly affects the South Asian region. On one hand many al-Queda militants are moving to Syria to fight the Asssad regime. On the other hand the IS sectarian ideology is infiltrating into the region. Shah’s talk will focus on the challenges and opportunities offered by the war in the Middle East to the governments of Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

The talk is the first of a series sponsored by the UNM Office of Student Affairs, the Department of Communication and Journalism, the National Security Studies Program and the Religious Studies Program.