In this dual presentation Center for Southwest Research fellows Clare Daniel and Brianne Stein present a glimpse into "Worlds within Worlds: The Photography of Eduardo Fuss."

Listen to Daniel/Stein talk.

In the following Powerpoint presentation, view photography by Eduardo Fuss.

Daniel is the Digitization Fellow at CSWR and Special Collections. She is also a doctoral candidate in American Studies with interests in race theory, citizenship and the welfare state.  She is currently working on a dissertation examining contemporary discourses of teenage pregnancy and parenthood in public policy popular culture and national and local advocacy.

Stein is the Pictorial Fellow at CSWR and Special Collections. She is a first year Ph.D. student in the History Department, focusing on urban environments in modern U.S. history. Also, she is working on her graduate certificate in the Historic Preservation and Regionalism program. After completion of the program, she hopes to work in archives.

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