This week’s guests on Report from Santa Fe are Dr. Becky Rowley, president of the Santa Fe Community College, and Dr. Joseph Shepard, president of Western New Mexico University, explaining the General Obligation (GO) Bonds on the ballot in the upcoming November election. 

These educators are followed by Dr. Mauricio Tohen, chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at UNM and chief for UNM Behavioral Care, describing GO Bond 3 that will fund a much-needed CLidren’s Psychiatric Center at the UNM Health Sciences Center.

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General Obligation Bonds come before the voters every couple of years, in even-numbered years, and fund capital improvement projects, as well as new construction projects.    

The bonds are packaged so that there are projects in virtually every corner of the state. This is not a bond that will just benefit the Rio Grande corridor, it will benefit every place that has a two-year or four-year college.  

For many colleges, the general obligation bond is almost the only way that they can have capital improvement. The total financial impact of these bonds would be a little over $250 million dollars statewide. 

Each bond - Bond 1, 2, and 3 - focuses on specific needs in New Mexico: 

Bond 1 - The 2022 Capital Projects General Obligation Bond Act authorizes the issuance and sale of senior citizen facility improvement, construction and equipment acquisition bonds. 

Bond 2 - The 2022 Capital Projects General Obligation Bond Act authorizes the issuance and sale of library acquisition bonds.

Bond 3 – The 2022 Capital Projects General Obligation Bond Act authorizes the issuance and sale of higher education, special and tribal schools, capital improvement and acquisition bonds. The higher education bonds included $45 million for the UNM’s College of Fine Arts, $36 million to plan, design, construct, furnish and equip the Children’s Psychiatric Center for the UNM Health Sciences Center in Albuquerque.

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