The University of New Mexico Board of Regents meet Tuesday, Aug. 14 from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1-3 p.m. in ballroom C of the Student Union Building on main campus. The Board of Regents will meet in Executive Session from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Cherry Silver Room.


I. Confirmation of a Quorum: Adoption of the Agenda, Regent President Jack L. Fortner

II. Approval of Summarized Minutes of the June 12, 2012 BOR Meeting and the July 10 Special BOR Meeting

III. Regent's Meritorious Service Award-Pug Burge, Chief Administrative Officer UNMH

IV. President's Administrative Report, Robert. G. Frank

V. Discussion and Possible Approval of Master Land Development Agreement
Regent J.E. Gene Gallegos

VI. Discussion and Possible Approval of North Golf Course Preservation Agreement between Bernalillo County and the UNM Board of Regents Regent Don L. Chalmers

Comments from Regents

Public Comment, specific to agenda items

VII. Comments from Regents' Advisors

Amy Neel, president, Faculty Senate
Mary Clark, president, Staff Council
Marisa Silva, president, GPSA
Caroline Muraida, president, ASUNM
Duffy Swan, president UNM Alumni Association
Gary Gordon, chair, UNM Foundation
Francis Page, treasurer UNM Parent Association
Dr. Scott Obenshain, UNM Retiree Association

VIII. Regent Committee Reports

Finance and Facilities Committee, Regent Don L. Chalmers, Chair

Consent Items:

A. Disposition of Surplus Property for Main Campus on lists dated June 30 and July 13
Bruce Cherrin, Chief Procurement Officer

B. Contract Approval:
UNM Purchasing Department-RFP 1496-12 Office Product Supplies:
4-P Procurement Model, Bruce Cherrin, Chief Procurement Officer

C. Approval of:
Capital Project for Mathematics Learning Laboratory, Vahid Staples, Budget Officer

D. Approval of Funding Request Submission to Higher Education Department
Marc Saavedra, Director Government Relations

E. Approval of Preliminary FY2013/2014 Budget Development Calendar
Andrew Cullen, AVP Budget

F. Approval for Naming Rights (Branch) for Football Field at University Stadium
Paul Krebs, VP Athletics, Breda Bova, Chair Naming Committee

G. Request Approval to Sell UNM-Gallup Local GO Bonds, Wynn Goering, Vice Provost

H. Approval of Support for Capital Repair Request for Harwood Museum of Art
Linda Warning, Chair, Harwood Governing Board Foundation

I. Approval of Appointment of Dora Dillistone and Reappointment of Linda Warning to Harwood Foundation Governing Board

Information Items:

J. Contract Information:
    1. KNME-Barbizon Light of the Rockies
    2. Information Technologies-Aquila Technologies Group
    3. Gallup Branch-City of Gallup Utility Systems
    4. Information Technologies-Aquila Technologies Group

K. Review of Capital Projects Status Report, Chris Vallejos, AVP ISS

L. Overview of UNM Regents' Endowment Fund Portfolio,
Sul Kassicieh, Investment Director, Anderson School of Management

Academic/Student Affairs & Research Committee, Regent Bradley Hosmer, Chair

Action Items:

A. Approval of Termination of the MOA between the Board of Regents and the Maxwell Museum Association and the Removal of the Maxwell Museum Association from Regents' Policy 7.17, University-affiliated organizations
Devorah Romanek, Acting Director, Maxwell Museum

B. Approval of Removal of Friends of the Library from UNM Affiliate Organizations
Michael Kelly, Director Center for Southwest Research

Consent Items:

C. Approval of Certificate in Clinical Chemistry
D. Approval of Posthumous Degree for Wolfgang Scott-Cohen
E. Approval of Posthumous Degree for Andre Holloway

Health Sciences Board, Regent Bradley Hosmer

Consent Items:

A. UNMH: Cerner Corporation, Steve McKernan, CEO UNMH Hospital
B. UNMH: Signature Staffing
C. UNMH: Travel Nurse
D. UNMH: Network Services
E. UNMH: PharMedium Services LLC
F. UNMH: Renovation of UNMH Main Operating Rooms
G. Approval of Second Amended and Restated Bylaws of UNM Medical Group, 26
Scot Sauder, Senior Associate University Counsel

H. Approval of Nomination of Michael Richards, MD, Executive Physician-in-Chief for UNM Health System, as a Class B
Director of UNM Medical Group, Scot Sauder

I. Approval of Nomination of Thomas Williams, MD, Executive Vice Dean, UNM School of Medicine, as a Class B Director of UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center, Inc. Scot Sauder

J. Approval of FY2014 HSC Legislative Initiatives-Research & Public Service Projects:
    1) Hepatitis Community Health Outcome-Project ECHO and
    2) Out of County Indigent Fund, Marc Saavedra, Director GR. Ava Lovell Exec. Officer Finance & Administration HSC

K. Approval of reappointments (Dana Allen, MD, Gabrielle Graham) to Carrie Tingley Hospital Advisory Board, Steve McKernan

L. Approval of UNM College of Nursing Summer Graduates, Dean Nancy Ridenour

M. Approval of UNM School of Medicine Health Professional and Public Health Programs Summer Graduates, Danielson

Information Items:

N. UNMH: Community Outreach Program, Steve McKernan
O. UNMH: Quality Medical Staffing
P. UNMH: Children's Medical Services
Q. UNMH: Gambro
R. Continuing Medical Education-Consensus Medical Communication and PeerView
Institute for Medical Education, Bruce Cherrin, Chief Procurement Officer

Audit Committee, Regent Gene Gallegos, Chair, no report

Public Comment

IX. Vote to close the meeting and to proceed into Executive Session

X.   Executive Session will be held from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in the Cherry Silver Room

A. Discussion and determination where appropriate of threatened or pending litigation Pursuant to Section 10-15-1.H (7) NMSA (1978)

B. Discussion and determination where appropriate of limited personnel matters pursuant to Section 10-15-1.H (2), NMSA (1978)

C. Discussion and determination where appropriate of the purchase, acquisition or disposal of real property pursuant to Section 10-15-1 H (8) NMSA (1978)

XI.   E. Vote to re-open meeting

F. Certification that only those matters described in Agenda Item X. were discussed in Executive Session and if necessary, final action with regard to those matters will be taken in Open Session

XII.  Adjournment

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