The University of New Mexico Board of Regents meets Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 9 a.m. in Ballroom C of the Student Union Building on main campus. The Board of Regents will meet in Executive Session/luncheon at 12:30 p.m. in the Cherry Silver Room.


1.  Confirmation of a Quorum:  Adoption of the Agenda, Regent President Jack L. Fortner

2.  Approval of Summarized Minutes of the October 9, 2012 Board of Regents Meeting

3.  President's Administrative Report, President Robert J. Frank

       Comments from Regents  

       Public Comment, specific to agenda items

4.  Approval of Pottery Mound Land Transfer
Michael Anderson, Associate University Counsel,
Valentino Jaramillo, Pueblo of Isleta Cultural Affairs Committee

5.  Regent Committee Reports   

Finance and Facilities Committee, Regent Don L. Chalmers, Chair       

            Consent Items:

A. Disposition of Surplus Property for Main Campus on lists dated October 26, 2012 and November 16, 2012
Bruce Cherrin, Chief Procurement Officer

B. Contract Approval:
Information Technology/Telecommunications - NEC
Bruce Cherrin, Chief Procurement Officer

C. Approval of:
Capital Project for University Advisement & Enrichment Center/University Communications & Marketing Backfill Renovation.
Vahid Staples, Budget Officer, Office of Planning Budget & Analysis

D. Approval of Second Amendment to Lease-Center for Development and Disability 2300 and 2340 Menaul Blvd. NE
Kim Murphy, Director, Real Estate, Thomas Neale, Associate Director

E. Approval of UNM Historic Preservation Plan,
Audra Bellmore, Curator, John Gaw Meem Archives of SW Architecture

F. Approval of Naming of Outdoor Basketball court at School of Law "Ferguson Court"
Breda Bova, Chair, Naming Committee

G. Approval of Fiscal Watch Report and Monthly Consolidated Financial Reports
Elizabeth Metzgter, Interim University Controller, Ava Lovell, Senior Executive Officer, Finance & Administration, HSC

 Action Items:

H. Approval of ACC Student Housing Lease Amendments (Lobo Village)
Kim Murphy, Director Real Estate, Thomas Neale, Associate Director.

I. Approval of South Campus Commercial-Master Development Agreement Fairmont Properties, LLC (Cleveland OH)
Kim Murphy, Director Real Estate, Thomas Neale, Associate Director

JRenovation of Lobo Baseball Stadium Press Box, Suites
Paul Krebs, VP, Athletics,

          Information Items:

K. Contract Information:
UNM Chemistry Department – Neaspec GambH
UNM Biology Department – Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC,
Bruce Cherrin, Chief Procurement Officer 

L. FY 2013/14 Budget Development Update
Andrew Cullen, AVP Budget, Chaouki Abdallah, Provost, Kevin Stevenson, Research Scholar

 Health Sciences Board, Regent Carolyn J. Abeita, Chair

          Action Items:

A. Request for Approval;
Dr. Paul Roth, Chancellor, UNMH

1. UNM School of Medicine Degree Candidates, Tom Williams, MD
2. UNM College of Nursing Degree Candidates, Nancy Ridenour, PhD
3. UNM College of Pharmacy Degree Candidates, Lynda Welage, PhD
4. Appointment of Michael Shannon to Carrie Tingley Hospital Board, Steve McKernan
5. UNM Health System 2012 Strategic Plan, Steve McKernan
6. Center for Development and Disability Lease Amendment #2, Thomas Neale

             Consent Agenda (contingent upon approval of HSC Board of Directors 12/7/2012 Meeting)

7.   UNMH Contracts with Aesculap Implant Systems, Biomet, Integra Life Sciences, K2M, Inc.,
Lanx, Medtronic Spinal and Biologics, NuVasive, Stryker and Zimmer, US Inc., Steve McKernan
8.   UNMH Contract with Siemens Medical Solutions USA, SSI ClickON LinX,
9.   UNMH Contract with Siemens Medical Systems
10. UNMH Contract with Princeton Place
11.  UNMH Contract with Maxim Health Information Systems
12.  UNMH Contract with Medtronic, Inc., Nationwide Recovery Systems. Ltd. and Coca Cola.
13.  UNM Cancer Center contract with Icyt Mission Technology, Inc. Bruce Cherrin

            Academic/Student Affairs & Research Committee, Regent Bradley Hosmer, Chair

            Consent items:

A. Approval of Transcripted Graduate Certificate in Educational Diagnosis,
Joanna Crobey, Assistant Professor, Educational Specialties.

B. Approval of Posthumous Degree for Antonio Barreras,
Amy Neel, President Faculty Senate

C. Approval of Branch Campus Operating Agreements-UNM Gallup,
Wynn Goering, Special Assistant for Branch Affairs

D. Approval of Branch Campus Operating Agreements-UNM Valencia

E.  Approval of Branch Campus Operating Agreement-UNM Los Alamos

              Action Items:

F. Approval of Honorary Degree, Amy Neel, President Faculty Senate
G. Approval of Fall 2012 Degree Candidates, Amy Neel, President Faculty Senate
H. Approval of Amendment to the by-laws of the NM Consortium,
John McGraw, Interim VP R & D.

            Information Items:

I. Faculty Strength Update, Provost Chaouki Abdallah
J. Honors College Update,
Catherine Krause, Interim Dean, University College & Honors College
K. Lottery Scholarship Summit Report,
Student Regent Jake Wellman, ASUNM President Caroline Muraida

             Audit Committee, Regent Gene Gallegos, Chair

A. Report from the Audit Committee Meeting 10/18/2012  and the Special Audit Committee Meeting 12/5/2012
Manu Patel, Internal Audit Director

      Presentation of FY12 External Financial Statements Audit:

      a. University of New Mexico (KPMG)

      b. University of New Mexico Hospital (Moss Adams)

      c. University of New Mexico Medical Group, Inc. (Moss Adams) 

B. Resolution-Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB)

VI. Comments from Regents' Advisors

Amy Neel, President, Faculty Senate 
Mary Clark, President, Staff Council 
Marisa Silva, President, GPSA
Caroline Muraida, President, ASUNM
Duffy Swan, President UNM Alumni Association
Gary Gordon, Chair, UNM Foundation
Greg Heileman, Executive Director & Secretary of Board, UNM Parent Association
Dr. Donald W. Dusynski, President, UNM Retiree Association           

VII. Public Comment

VIII. Vote to close the meeting and to proceed into Executive Session.    

IX.      Executive Session will be held from 12:30 p.m until completed in the Cherry Silver Room

A. Discussion and determination where appropriate of threatened or pending litigation Pursuant to Section 10-15-1.H (7) NMSA (1978)
B. Discussion and determination where appropriate of the purchase, acquisition or disposal of real property pursuant to Section 10-15-1 H (8) NMSA (1978)
C. Discussion and determination where appropriate of long range strategic planning related to public hospitals pursuant to Section 10-15-1H) (9) NMSA (1978
D.  Discussion and determination where appropriate of limited personnel matters pursuant to Section 10-15-1.H (2), NMSA (1978)

X.    E.   Vote to re-open meeting

F.   Certification that only those matters described in Agenda Item VII. were discussed in Executive Session and if necessary, final action with regard to those matters will be taken in Open Session.

XI.  Adjournment