Pamela Viktoria Pyle, UNM associate professor of music, honors International Day of Collaborative Music, Saturday, Jan. 22. The day is set aside by performance organizations throughout the world to commemorate and raise awareness about the joy of making music together.

Students from UNM's Collaborative Piano Program, headed by Pyle, are putting on a concert on Saturday, Jan. 22 from 2–3 p.m. at the African American Performing Arts Center, on the northeast corner of Copper and San Pedro, on the Expo New Mexico grounds. Pyle and tuba professor Richard White, open the program, followed by collaborative performances featuring students from the string, wind and voice studios. The students performing represent countries from all around the world, including Brazil, Guatemala, China, Japan, Slovakia, Germany and the U.S. The concert is free and open to the public.

Also referred to as chamber music, collaborative piano is an art that involves the absolute commitment of both players to studying and interpreting the works they play as a team. Both parts are equal and both players must bring to the work their technical, intellectual and emotional best. For this reason, we are passionate about bringing collaborative music into the community and sharing it with people from all walks of life.

"The aim of the International Day of Collaborative Music is to bring people from all around the world together to make music in celebration of the good that can be achieved collectively. With this program, we hope to bring to our community our shared love of making music and to encourage the possibilities for collaboration that exist between all of us," Pyle said.

She added, "For this concert, in partnering with the African American Performing Arts Center, we are particularly interested in reaching out to young African American students."

Pyle and White present a duo, Essential Harmony, founded in part to explore and embody assumptions and concepts of cultural differences. The unlikely pairing of tuba and piano, as well as their own diverse backgrounds, reflect the empowerment of cultures blended.

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