A new international partnership is official, between the University of New Mexico and Nagasaki University.

Dr. Shigeru Kohno, President of Nagasaki University and his team of advisors visited UNM today to establish a new exchange program with President Garnett Stokes. The two presidents spent the afternoon discussing the future between the two schools, exchanged gifts and took part in a signing ceremony.  There was also a campus tour facilitated by the Global Education Office (GEO).

The Global Education Office is honored to announce a new strategic partnership with Nagasaki University, as part of its ongoing mission to facilitate campus internationalization at UNM,” Executive Director of Global Education Initiatives Nicole Tami said. “Nagasaki University is one of Japan’s most prestigious and respected institutions of higher education.” 

Kohno places a strong emphasis on the school’s role in global and planetary health. That’s something UNM agrees on.

This new exchange program will facilitate mobility for students and faculty from both institutions, in an effort to advance education and research through bi-lateral exchange,” Tami said. “This agreement will facilitate the exchange of ideas, teaching methodology, and research expertise to further each institution's mission to advance academic and cultural knowledge in a complex and rapidly changing world.”

UNM students will now be able to study at Nagasaki University for a semester or year-long exchange program, while their counterparts at Nagasaki University will be able to do the same at UNM. Director of Education Abroad Todd Karr said he expects the first round of students to take part in spring 2024. 

In addition to connections made on main campus, Kono also met with officials at the Health Sciences Center (HSC). This relationship with HSC is largely what made the new exchange program possible.

After the establishment of the preliminary memorandum of understanding between the two pharmaceutical schools, Nagasaki University took the initiative to establish a general exchange agreement with UNM.” Tami said.

College of Pharmacy Dean Donald Godwin and Dr. Mikiko Takeda began coordinating with Nagasaki University in 2014. After years of pharmaceutical education and connections, that memorandum of understanding was finalized in 2020.

We found that New Mexico and Nagasaki have similar healthcare issues - limited access to healthcare in rural areas,” Takeda said. “In addition, faculty members and students at Nagasaki’s School of Pharmacy are interested in community services that our students have provided to New Mexican people.” 

Next month, UNM’s College of Pharmacy will have its first Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in Nagasaki. Students will learn about the healthcare system in urban and rural areas in Nagasaki.

UNM Study Abroad has over 100 exchange programs. 10 of those are in partnership with universities in Japan, now including Nagasaki University.

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