The Division of Human Resources will once again offer summer employment opportunities to youth in the community through the 2011 UNM Youth Summer Hire Program. The program is designed to provide summer employment for high school and non-University of New Mexico college students in our local community.

Two types of funded programs are available including Externally Funded Programs and an Internally Funded Program. The Externally Funded Programs work with outside organizations to promote diversity hiring for young adults who may be at risk, have special needs or who may be transitioning into the workplace. The individuals in these programs are employed and paid by the outside organizations. The Internally Funded Program is paid for by the hiring departments.

The 2011 UNM Youth Summer Hire Program will once again be administered through UNMJobs using the UNMTemps Request process. This helps to streamline the application and hiring process which reduces the overall processing time for departments. UNMTemps will charge their normal administrative fees for this service. Detailed descriptions of participant eligibility requirements and departmental procedures for each program are available on the HR website.

All UNM Youth Summer Hire Program hires are subject to the provisions of University Business Policies and Procedures Manual #3210, Recruitment and Hiring, which states, "Hiring officers may not hire or supervise a family member or a family member of a line supervisor without the advance approval of the President."

HR offers the "HR Presents" training that is designed to provide you with specific information regarding the program, as well as instructions for requesting a youth summer hire. Please contact your HR Consultant to schedule a presentation for your department.

UNM students employed through the Student Employment and Work-Study Programs are separate from the 2011 UNM Youth Summer Hire Program and will continue to be handled by the UNM Student Employment Office.

For more information of questions concerning this opportunity, departments can contact HRPR Support Center at 277-HRPR(4777). Interested applicants may contact the HR Service Center directly at 277-MyHR(6947).