The Lobos kept their fans on their feet for about a minute and a half before  scoring. Shortly thereafter Sara Halasz snagged the ball from N. AZ. and Kielpinski scored.  Fans called on N. AZ.  on an air ball, but nothing too brutal. Lauren Taylor managed to get a steal, but wasn't able to capitalize.

That brief moment later, she got it back and scored...and got fouled on. MADE IT. Strong defense from the Lobos prevented N AZ from scoring. Kielpinski and Taylor took the ball back and forth before handing it off to Best who got the score. Halasz got the rebound, and now ran it in for a score. Here we are...almost 5 minutes in and N AZ still hasn't scored.

In a time out, we've got Samurai wrestlers. Go cheerleaders. They work hard every game.

The UNM band is reminding us we're on a serious mission here.

Nikki Nelson's in now, followed by the second traveling call on N AZ. Double dribbling on Taylor puts the ball back in N AZ's hands. Big girls! 42, Tiffany Amos, gets them on the board with 2.

It's all Taylor again...another 2. Rebound by Halasz puts it in Jackson's hands...two more for the Lobos.

Tyler Stephens-Jenkins scores for the Lumberjacks...really?

Here comes Valerie Kast. Kielpinski' s out. N AZ's 42, Tiffany Amos fouls, but they manage to lose/get back the ball. Taylor again gets the rebound. But a wasted opportunity. Halasz gets tough and gets a steal. Then, in the N AZ possession, they run it, but Nelson makes sure it's not a slam dunk. N AZ's 42 blows it and Kast snags it off the rim. When Nelson doesn't score, Taylor gets the rebound, brings it through the hoop.

Halasz and Taylor out, Porsche Torres in. Kast gets the ball on a battle of height. But the Lobos can't bring it through the net before the ball is headed back down, again for an unsucccessful score. 18-5 comes N AZ again. 32 from N AZ fouls and we have a timeout.

Porsche's smile at the ref lets the fans know she's having some fun out there. 22, Georonika Jackson scores. 20-5.

Kast is holding them hard and gets the ball back to the Lobos. 14 scores 2. A nice little pass around gets in back in Kast's hands...2 more. GO LOBOS!

N AZ's on the move...passing around, number 30 serves up a 3 pointer. Kast has it, dunks it for 2 more. SHE"S HOT!

Beggin's got it, off the rim, N AZ, Jackson steals it, around the horn, if they say that in hoops. Amy Beggin gives us 3 more. 29-8.

A battle under the net. Arms up, N AZ comes away with it. It's going around...Good D Lobos. NA Z's number 30, Melissa Spaich, moves through to score two. 29-10.

Lobos possession...Kielpinski fouls...Time out.

14 gets it out of thin air...they're moving it, them Lobos.  Best bounces one off the rim, so does 11 from N AZ. Amanda Best gets it in a scramble on the floor.

5:35 on the clock. Another N AZ Air ball...but they get the rebound. Shot clock runs out on 'em.

Beggin's moving it down, stops and shoots 2.

N AZ's moving around the outside...lose the ball. Beggin's got it, Halasz fails to score, Kielpinski gets caught on the floor on a foul. Here comes N AZ again. A couple failed attempts at shooting and the Lobos are down under the basket again. Caroline Durbin drops a BEAUTIFUL 3. 34-10.

N AZ workin' it...Another shot clock foul. Lobos are playing mean D!

And in a time out, we've got toilet races, complete with helmets. I've never worn a helmet on a toilet, nor ridden one on a basketball court. Weird rituals.

Here's the band playing the FIGHT song! GO FIGHT WIN!
Buzzer! Play ball!

Beggin's moving it. Finally after moving it around, Beggin scores. 36-10.

N AZ's back moving the ball around. Number 22, Caty Huntington scores 2. 36-12.

Out of bounds on the Lobos and N AZ's running around. Number 11, Katie Pratt scores 3. 36-15.

Lobos are working under the basket. Another foul...bring it in...Lobos....Halasz stays tough, gives it score this time, Lobos. Taylor fouls, N AZ's bringing it in.

Ball almost comes up here to me. I'm not tall enough nor good enough to play. Taylor scores as Lobo Louie walks by. Go LOBOS.

Kayin Sticher, number 12 of the Lumberjacks gets 1 of her 2 free throws...and Beggin's movin' the ball again....Steal from N AZ and 32 , Amy Patton, scores. 38-18.

Clocks running out as Beggin scores. 40-18 at the half.

Break dancers provide half time entertainment. I'm having 90s flashbacks...okay, I'm back.

The Lobos are poetry in motion moving it around until Lauren Taylor fires the first 2 points of the second half.

Halasz gets a rebound off. N AZ runs it back and scores 2.

N AZ's workin' it, lookin' out muscled, out played until a tie ball puts the ball back in Lobos' paws. Outta bounds on the 'Bos and N AZ's got it. Is this a sacrificial lamb team?...45-18, they score two. 45-20.

Here comes Best, who gets fouled. She's practicing air free throws...and misses the first of two. Second one is nuttin' but net.


N AZ's running around under there, around there, back around there, but not busting through Lobo D.Finally Kielpinski gets a rebound, but the Lobos lose it. Back under the N AZ basket. Around and around and around we go.. this time on the Lobo side of the court and Taylor's got it. Beggin's got 3! 49-20.

Around we go again...suckin' wind, N AZ?? Aren't they high altitude, too?

We're doing the usual GO....LOBOS...with stacked cheerleaders - no, as in pyramid style. Get your mind out of the gutter.

15:17 on the clock...

Another shot clock foul on N AZ and Lobos are woofing.

Ball's outta bounds on N AZ, Beggin fires to Nelson who nails 2. 51-20.

HEY N AZ just got 2 more. 51-22.

Georonika Jackson chalks up a foul and number 14 runs like the wind...but Jackson's got it, Beggin plays a cool one behind her back before causing a foul...a smirk crosses her face. Busted. Nelson's running it. Around we go, back into N AZ hands. A 3 point attempt doesn't land. They're settling down. 15 scores. 51-24.

Halasz has the ball knocked out of her come Kast and Taylor, out go Kielpinski...and I am not sure who.

Go Nelson...Taylor shoots, misses, captures the rebound, but it doesn't work. N AZ's done some kind of football move and UNM has the ball again. Go Kast. To Jackson. She's held - is that what they call it in Bball? Taylor to Jackson to Kast to lost it to Nelson to Taylor to Kast to Jackson who scores. Go Georonika!!

Steal goes Nelson to Taylor, who missed a three but Jackson makes a successful rebound 2 shot.

Over the basket by N AZ's 11 and Nelson's moving the ball back.. Oops N AZ got it. Number 25, Guard Aly Bonham shoots a nice 3 and the score is now 55-27 with 10:45 on the clock...

It's time for HEY GO LOBOS with your cheer and soundpack...What's "soundpack," exactly?

A bit of a miscue on the part of the Lobos and we're back with the Soundpack...and our towering cheerleaders. Not tall, but pyramided clappin' out a beat to U-N-M LOBOS!

Don't blow the whistle in my earhole.

Michael Jackson had one glove, but N AZ's 22, Caty Huntington has one sleeve. 30, Melissa Spaich, scores and gets fouled. Free throws and the fans wave their arms under the basket. She lands it.

Nelson's bringin' it back down. One-sleeve gets it and runs it back down for a score 55-32.

Jackson to Torrance to Jackson who scores, 57-32.

A volleyball move sends the ball into the stands. N AZ has it, Kast gets called on a foul. 30 is shooting....Dunks it. 14, 52, and 32 come in. 30, N AZ shoots again and again is flawless.


8:20 left.

Taylor's movin' - gives it to Jackson who shoots, misses, rebound by 14, N AZ. Kielpinski steals...Best to Jackson to Taylor to 2! 59-34.

N AZ loses the ball. Traveling on UNM and we've got time out. 7 minutes left. GO LOBOS!!!

I haven't said so yet, but I love sitting here with my computer, camera and the media.

N AZ has the ball. 14 of N AZ is really good, give her props.

15 shoots and Best pulls it off the rim. Around the Lobos. Best gives it her BEST in an awesome score.

UNM foul sends 32 to the free throw line. She shoots and scores...another....and it's through. 61-36 with 5:47 left in the game.

Beggin gets fouled..1 good....second one misses 62-36. N AZ moves the ball down, loses it here we go again. Go Beggin to Taylor who loses it off her foot out of bounds.

One sleeve brings it down, 22, 15 shoots, Lauren Holsington, shoots and makes two.

Taylor tries for 3 misses, but Amanda Best makes the 2.

N AZ overshoots the basket altogether. Beggin gets it, runs it, gets fouled, free throw and it's in...So's the second shot and its 66-38 with 4:16 left. Bad pass puts it in Beggin's hand who brings it down and scores again. GO AMY!

Time out!

Kielpinski's air ball goes to Halasz who loses it. N AZ ball. Rebound goes outta bounds. Lobo ball.

Here comes Nelson to Halasz to the net. Out of bounds. N AZ ball. 2:44 left.

Shot clock foul - no matter, UNM got the ball. Foul. Jourdan Erskine is at the free throw line. It's in for 1. It' for 2. 70-38. Go Freshman! Freshwoman? That doesn't sound right at all.

N AZ's number 14, Erskine,  is working hard tonight. 32, Amy Patton, called for traveling and the Lobos are moving.

Suddenly, N AZ has the ball again. Can't follow that foul. Score from N AZ 70-40. They get the ball back. Less than a minute to go!

N AZ lines up for free throws. Nope. N AZ shoots from the field. Halasz to Durbin who comes up limping. She's at the free throw line from the foul. She's too 72-40, 36.5 seconds.

N AZ works around can't get it in. Erskine brings it down. Halasz works the horn. TIME EXPIRES!!!

72-40. GO LOBOS!