Beginning June 1, 2011, UNM Mailing Systems will begin delivery of FedEx Overnight packages to Main Campus delivery points as well as certain off-campus locations. The primary benefit of this transition is the reduction of vendor traffic in highly congested areas of the campus. By incorporating FedEx deliveries into the mail routes, the need for most FedEx vehicles to enter the campus will be eliminated.

The change will help support the efforts of the UNM Sustainability Program, Planning & Campus Development and the Physical Plant Department to maintain a safer and more sustainable campus.

Health Sciences Center FedEx deliveries will not be affected: those will continue to be delivered by the same staff at HSC Shipping and Receiving. FedEx First Overnight will continue to be delivered before 8 a.m. by FedEx.

Other benefits include improved timeliness of deliveries plus an extended pick up deadline for outbound packages. To add even greater convenience for the campus, there will be four FedEx drop boxes installed around campus which will have later afternoon pick up times. Tentatively, they will be located inside the Student Union Building, John & June Perovich Business Center, Dane Smith Hall and Student Residence Center Commons.

To ensure a smooth transition from FedEx to UNM Mailing Systems, Mail Stop Codes be included in your "ship-to" address whenever your order is shipped via FedEx Overnight, as well as in any transaction that will result in a shipment to the campus.

Complete details will be provided at: UNM Mail Systems by Monday, May 9. Details will include: FAQ's, an updated "last-call" pick up time for outbound shipments, specific locations and installation dates of campus drop boxes, a list of departments and locations that will continue to receive direct FedEx delivery, and any other information pertinent to a successful transition.