The UNM Prevention Research Center's Susan DeFrancesco presents the Rio Grande Institute's Journal Club Series next discussion, Translating Research into Public Health Policy through Partnerships – Lessons learned from a study in the Netherlands and the work of the California Center for Public Health, on Tuesday, April 19, from 12 to 1 p.m. at the Research Incubator Building (RIB) Commons at 2703 Frontier, NE

The Journal articles for discussion include the construction of evidence-based local health policy through partnerships: research infrastructure, process, and context in the Rotterdam "Healthy in the City" programmed by Rik Wehrens, Marleen Bekker, and Roland Bal from the Journal of Public Health Policy (2010) 31, 447-460, and Commentary: Translating research into public policy. Harold Goldstein. Journal of Public Health Policy (2009) 30, S16-S20.

Wehrens and colleagues studied an innovative partnership structure in the Netherlands that was designed to facilitate interaction between researchers and policymakers. Their results show that although the partnership did facilitate interaction, the outcome was not necessarily meaningful – the partners' initial discussions about the results of their collaborative research study "was like a Babylonian confusion of tongues of researchers on one side and policymakers on the other side."

The authors describe the use of "expectancy management" and a "scenario approach" as innovative ways to construct a common language and bring together different perspectives. Goldstein offers four critical steps in the policy development process, using examples in California, which can be contrasted and compared to the lessons learned in the Netherlands case study.

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