Recognizing the safety needs of its campus community, the University of New Mexico has taken another step in its goal of enhancing safety for all its faculty, staff and students. UNM has added LoboGuardian, the latest technology-driven app designed to increase user safety through real-time interactive features that create a virtual safety network of friends and family.

Available for iOS and Android devices and provided as a free download, LoboGuardian allows users to designate “Guardians” to act as a virtual safety escorts in timed Safety Sessions. With LoboGuardian, users are also able to anonymously report a tip to the UNM Police Department, call the UNM Police Department, or call 911.

“The decision to purchase Rave Guardian was driven by our desire to make UNM the safest campus possible for all members of our community,” said Dean of Students Tomás Aguirre. “This cutting-edge technology allows users to convert their smart phone into a mobile blue phone and includes innovative features like a panic button, tip texting, personal guardians, and a safety timer and profile.”

With LoboGuardian you can:

  • Set a Safety Timer and Status -- Designate friends, family, and others as personal “Guardians.” Set a Safety Timer Session with one or more Guardians before you leave for your destination. During the timer session Guardians can check your status and location. If the timer is not deactivated before it expires, your Guardians will be notified and your phone’s last location and status will be displayed.
  • Easy Emergency Communication -- Make a direct emergency call to the UNM Police Department in Albuquerque that automatically delivers your Smart911 profile to the police response team. You can also call 911.
  • Report a Tip -- Send a tip anonymously to the UNM Police Department in Albuquerque.  

“LoboGuardian allows users to bring alerting capabilities with them,” said Byron Piatt, UNM’s emergency manager. “In the event a user has an emergency, critical information will be provided to those you trust and designate to help them more quickly respond and help you.”

LoboGuardian is a joint effort between the Dean of Students, Campus Safety, the UNM Police Department and Information Technologies. The LoboGuardian mobile phone safety app is first-generation technology and your feedback is valuable as UNM works to improve these and other campus safety services. To provide feedback, send comments and suggestions about LoboGuardian to the Dean of Students at

“LoboGuardian is a great tool provided by UNM to its community, further enhancing efforts to provide a safer campus for faculty, staff, and students,” said UNM Police Lt. Tim Stump.

LoboGuardian is the latest in the suite of campus safety tools and programs offered by UNM to the campus community.  For more information, visit LoboGuardian.  

To learn more about UNM’s campus safety initiatives, visit Campus Safety.