UNM West

The City of Rio Rancho and UNM West are seeking exterior public art for the campus in a proposed open space corridor that will form the center of the UNM West campus as it develops. The view space will be shared by Rio Rancho City Hall.

Artists are encouraged to visit and view the space.  The UNM West master plan envisions a central open space, walking and communal open area.  A core principal for the campus development is environmental sustainability.  Planned landscaping will be environmentally water wise and incorporate native plants and the entire area will provide water capture and reuse.

The selected artwork may use any or all of the available space adjacent to the southwest portion of the UNM building and street, but the work must be free standing and not adhere or be incorporated to the building.

Rio Rancho and UNM will split the cost of the $29,000 project, and the project will become the property of UNM.  Artists must submit proposal information by Sept. 28 to the Rio Rancho City Clerk's office.  Artists must be residents of New Mexico to qualify.

Selection will be done by the Local Selection Committee, which includes members that represent UNM West administration, UNM students and UNM arts committee, artists, arts professionals, the City of Rio Rancho Arts Commission, and local community members.

More information is available at the City of Rio Rancho IFB/RFP Postings Website and at the Rio Rancho Arts Commission website.

Media contact: Karen Wentworth (505) 277-5627; kwent2@unm.edu