The University of New Mexico School of Architecture and Planning hosts the annual meeting for deans and directors of the Mid-Continental Accredited Architecture Programs on Friday, May 31 at George Pearl Hall on the UNM main campus at Central Ave. and Cornell NE.

"The meeting presents an opportunity for the School of Architecture and Planning to position itself as a leader in identifying and addressing key issues that will drive the changing face of the mid-continental region," said Geraldine Forbes, dean of School of Architecture & Planning.

Forbes added, "It is critical for professional schools to recognize their responsibility, to not just respond to the socio-economic and environmental forces, but to innovate alternative solutions that can be implemented by planners and designers working collaboratively with regional governments and private industry."

Among topics for discussion is Successes, Mistakes and/or Failures, Drivers of Change – Implications for Architecture Curriculum, and Regionalism, Place and Sustainability. The group will take part in a campus walk to see some of the John Gaw Meem buildings.