On Saturday, March 2, UNM will conduct a special workshop for high school junior and senior girls who might be interested in pursuing advanced degrees in orthopedic surgery and engineering.  The program is sponsored by the Perry Initiative honoring Dr. Jacqueline Perry, one of the first female orthopedic surgeons in the U.S.

Event organizer Christina Salas, a Ph.D. candidate with the Biomedical Engineering graduate program at UNM says studies have shown that males frequently decide they want to work in orthopedics when they are in high school, but females usually wait to decide until they are partially through medical school. The event is designed to give girls a chance to understand what orthopedists and engineers do so they have an opportunity to consider the specialty when there is time to thoroughly study it. Students will hear from women leaders in these fields and try it for themselves by performing mock orthopedic surgeries and biomechanics experiments.

Anyone who wants to learn more can visit the Perry Initiative. Interested participants can email Christina Salas cchrsalas@salud.unm.edu or Kim Fields, kfields@salus.unm.edu