A University of New Mexico student’s artwork will be front and center this summer at a historic centennial celebration.

Jessica Knox, a senior at UNM pursuing a bachelor’s in history and political science, will have her work showcased before and during the 100th Burning of Zozobra in Santa Fe this August. 

Courtesy: Zozobra 2024

"This year, since it's the 100th anniversary of Zozobra, I created nine distinct Zozobra's from the decade's project, each representing a different era from Zozobra's history," Knox said. 

Her 2024 design, which took about two months to complete, will be a poster advertising the sale of Zozobra tickets. It will be displayed on the event's website and all in-person locations where tickets are sold

She is one of 10 winners this year whose creation will be featured during the event.

"I just use Google Drawings. I draw out some things and layer different shapes together to try and make a solid graphic design," Knox said. 

Zozobra T-shirt design 2023
Courtesy: Jessica Knox
Zozobra T-shirt design 2023

This is Knox's third year in a row winning a part of the annual Zozobra artist contest. In 2022, some of her graphic designs were used on the tickets during the festival. In 2023, her Minecraft creation was put on the child's T-shirt sold at the event. While she missed Zozobra last year, she says she's excited to attend the centennial.

"This year’s celebration is on my 21st birthday, so it's an extra special Zozobra for me," she said. 

Knox will return to campus next year as part of UNM's B.A./M.A. shared credit program to complete her master's in political science. 
The 100th Burning of Zozobra will be held on Friday, Aug. 30.