The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) and VT Industries recently announced winners of a student design competition. The competition sponsored by VT Industries and administered by the AIAS, challenged students to develop a door around the theme of looking at this type of threshold in all facets: energy passage, security, universal accessibility, physical composition and most of all design. The design concept should be iconic and set the stage for the next generation to associate with transition from one place to another. Total prize money was $3,450, including $1,500 for the overall winning design.

Casey McLaughlin, fourth year student at University of New Mexico was the overall winner with his design "Bringing Outside In," a door to the AIAS President's office in Washington, DC. With this concept, he brought the iconic DC symbol of the cherry tree into his pattern when designing the door. A cherry timber door was used, as well as transparent glass residing in the center. By manipulating the light with the glass, he created an abstract pattern that represents the exterior environment of DC.


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