It's the season of giving. Every year the UNM Anderson School of Management awards fellowships and scholarships to deserving graduate and undergraduate students. For the 2011–12 academic year, ASM gave out more than $253,000 in the form of 136 scholarships and fellowships. Forty-three percent of the 316 applications submitted to the school received some form of financial support, while 54 percent of the applications came from self-identified minorities.

The Anderson School honored the academic achievement of student scholarship recipients and the generosity of its donors at the ninth annual Celebration of Giving Scholarship Reception. Scholarship funds allow Anderson students to stay in school and this event helps donors realize the incredible impact of their giving. The reception at the Embassy Suites gave students the opportunity to meet their donors and thank them for their support. Professor Ann Brooks, Chair of the Anderson Scholarship Committee, says the reception is a wonderful way to recognize the donors who make this possible.

"Anderson scholarships relieve students of some of the need to earn outside income and enable them to increase their course load and graduate earlier, said Brooks. "Scholarship awards remind students that they are not alone in their academic journey,"

Several of the scholarship recipients spoke at the event giving poignant, personal accounts of how the scholarships have changed their lives. They discussed the challenges of continuing their education while balancing the commitments of family and work, and several said they would not be in school or even where they are today without the scholarship funds.

Anyone interested in donating to an Anderson scholarship can contact Development Officer Ernest Rodriguez-Naaz at 505-277-7114 or