Mark Childs, professor, University of New Mexico School of Architecture and Planning, was notified by the Board of Directors of the Environmental Design Research Association and the EDRA Great Places Awards jurors, that his book submission, Urban Composition: Developing Community Through Design, is a recipient of the esteemed 2013 EDRA Great Places Award in the Place Book Award category.

Jurors wrote, "In a year with an extraordinary number of high-quality entries, your submission truly exemplified the concern for human factors in the design of the built environments, and a commitment to promoting the links between design research and practice. We're proud to honor your work and inspiration."

Childs will be recognized at the EDRA awards banquet Saturday, June 1, in Rhode Island. The banquet is in conjunction with the Environmental Design Research Association Conference.

Princeton Architectural Press, publisher of the book, writes:

Cities and towns are among humanity's greatest achievements, yet no single individual or organization creates them. The buildings, streets and gardens of even a small town embody substantial investments of money, natural resources and political capital. Much more than the sum of its parts, a settlement's vitality comes from its collective composition. Sometimes the cities and towns that emerge are glorious places, but too frequently they have only fragments of greatness or are soulless and environmentally unhealthy.

Our new Architecture Brief Urban Composition shows architects, planners, artists and engineers of individual projects how they can best fulfill their public trust to help make meaningful urban places. Each chapter contains a set of design queries followed by a discussion, illustrations, and references for further research. This accessible primer on urban design provides guidelines for designing buildings or plans for large cities or small towns. Urban Composition showcases projects across the United States and internationally, in metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Seattle and London, and small communities such as Marfa, Texas.

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