The University of New Mexico School of Law places 4th on the US News & World Report ranking called “10 Law Schools Where Accepted Students Usually Enroll." 

The US News article states that among applicants accepted to law school, many of these accepted students tend to enroll at higher rates at certain institutions. The top three schools on the list are Yale, Harvard, and Brigham Young University. UNM placed fourth, with 258 students accepted and 120 accepted, resulting in a 46.5 percent yield rate.

The top reasons that accepted students enroll at UNM Law include the small class size, high-quality education, strong employment results and great value. Current students indicated they were “very satisfied” with UNM Law in a survey of law students across the nation conducted by the legal website Above the Law, putting UNM law 4th nationwide in that survey.

The four categories in the survey were quality of faculty and academic instruction category; the practical/clinical training for the practice of law; career counseling and job search help; social life; and financial aid advising.

UNM Law is one of the best educational values in the country. Yale and Harvard law schools charge more than $53,000 per year. Clark Law School at Brigham Young University charges over $22,000. In contrast, current in-state tuition at UNM Law is $15,701 and many non-residents qualify for this in-state rate in their second and third years at the law school.

The US News article refers to a March report from the Law School Admission Council showing that law school applicants are down 9.2 percent and applications submitted are down 10.0 percent from 2013. However, applications at the UNM Law School only decreased 1.84 percent since last year.