Sherman Wilcox, center, with two Chinese students, in front of the gates to the Forbidden City.

Sherman Wilcox, professor of linguistics, has been asked to deliver a series of 10 lectures, two per day, this week at Beihang University in Beijing, China.

The lectures are part of the China International Forum on Cognitive Linguistics (CIFCL). Their funding comes from the Beihang Grant for International Outstanding Scholars.

"The lectures are transcribed and published in the Eminent Linguists Lecture Series, published in China by Beijing Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. They're also videotaped and put onto a DVD, included with that publication," Wilcox said

Among the topics Wilcox will deliver is an overview of signed languages, signed language linguistics, language and gesture, two routes from gesture to language, and more.

Wilcox is the author of several books, book chapters and scholarly articles on signed language. He specializes in the relation between gesture and language, the evolution of language, cognitive approaches to sign linguistics and interpreting theory. His research includes studies of American Sign Language, Catalan Sign Language, Italian Sign Language and Saudi Sign Language.

Wilcox is currently writing a book, Setting Language in Motion, to be published by Oxford University Press. He has presented keynote addresses for several international conferences, including International Cognitive Linguistics Association; Language, Culture, and Mind; and International Society for Gesture Studies.

He has taught seminars and workshops in England, Finland, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and other countries. Wilcox serves on the editorial boards of the journals Signed Language Studies, Gesture, and Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics.

For more about the conference and the lecture content, visit CIFCL.

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