The University Libraries Indigenous Nations Library Program is showcasing work from renowned Zuni artist Edward Wemytewa.

Wemytewa is a A:Shiwi (Zuni) artist born and raised in the Pueblo of Zuni, New Mexico. His first language as Shiwi’ma bena:we— “born into the Wild Tobacco Clan and Child of the Crow.” 

Dome of his earliest memories involve drawing, and as he developed his creative ability, he began to work with pastel and tempera paints, creating paintings of the religious landscapes of the A:shiwi. 

As he grew older, Wemytewa worked more in silversmithing while striving to create his own designs but still holding true to traditional Zuni styles and techniques. He particularly liked to work with sand-casting, the most elemental style of silversmithing.

“I have enjoyed combining and synthesizing these creative artistic/technical skills into a new genre of art/storytelling theater,” he said. “This synthesis adds whole new levels of creativity and thought-provoking avenues for art forms and art pieces that supplement and complement our traditional forms of storytelling.”

Wemytewa also consults as a cultural/artistic advisor to inner-city Indigenous students in Los Angeles, CA.  at Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory school.

The INLP program plans to host a discussion session, titled Critical Conversations, on Sept. 11 in conjunction with the exhibit. The art is currently on display on the second floor of Zimmerman Library. Various sets of murals by Wemytewa will be on display in Zimmerman throughout the fall and spring semester.

For more information about the exhibit or programs planned by INLP contact Kevin Brown at or call 505.277.7433.